Upgrading CentOS Linux to CentOS 6.5

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CentOs Linux 6.5 was released and included hundreds of bug fixes and enhancements to the kernel. Upgrading is pretty straight forward and can be done with a few commands.

Back up:

Make sure you backup any important data on the server before doing any updates. I have not personally ran into any major issues with upgrading, however, I always recommend to backup before updating.

To find out what version of CentOs you are currently using enter the following command:
cat /etc/redhat-release

You will get an output similar to this:
CentOs release 6.3 (Final)

Show list of available updates

yum clean all
yum list updates

Type the following command to update:
yum update

You will get a list will need to confirm you want to download the update packages. You need to confirm by hitting “y” and then the enter key.
Sample Output:
Yum Update

You will get to another spot asking you to confirm the signing key. Again, You need to confirm by hitting “y” and then the enter key.
Example Output:
Yum Install

Once you confirm the key signing, you need to just sit back and wait a few minutes. It will start updating everything and depending on the amount of updates and server resources it could be really fast, or take a little time to update everything. Once it is completed you will see something like below.

Yum Update

NOTE: The command output has been truncated to fit here. 

Now you need to reboot the server with the following command:

shutdown -r now

You will see something like this:
Yum install Shutdown

Once the server is rebooted, type the following command to verify the current CentOs version:
cat /etc/redhat-release

You should now be running the latest release of CentOs.

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