How to configure EasyApache through SSH

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How to run EasyApache through SSH

Configuring apache can be done several ways. If you have cPanel installed one of the easiest ways to configure Apache is through EasyApache. If you are running your server on a dedicated server with plenty of resources, you can probably just use WHM and run EasyApache there. If you are on a small VPS Server with 2GB of RAM, you will be better off configuring EasyApache through SSH. It uses less resources, and is faster. You won’t need to worry about a browser crashing and causing any problems with being disconnected.


You will need root access to your server or VPS.

You will need a profile, however, if this is a new build, you can select one of the preset configurations to start building on.  Select which one is best for your application. If you are going to run a website, you might start with “PHP Encryption and Image Manipulation”.

Getting Started:

Login to your server as root user through SSh. Then you will need to change into the scripts directory.

cd /scripts

Once in the scripts directory, you can get a complete list of all the scripts available. You can view the list by typing the following command.

To run EasyApache, type the following command.

You will get an screen like this one:

EasyApache Install through SSH

Follow the steps to complete the Apache build. You can go about your business while EasyApache runs. Once it is finished you can restart your server. You will need to configure PHP and any other settings as needed.

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