ConfigServer Firewall install guide for Ubuntu

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ConfigServer Firewall

This is just a quick walk through on installing ConfigServer Firewall on your Ubuntu server, the install for CSF is pretty simple. in just a few commands it will be installed and ready to be configured.

Before we get started you may need to run the following if you’re not logged in as the root user.

sudo su

Step 1 – Download ConfigServer Firewall

Open Putty or your operating system terminal and log into the server as root, use the following command to download the CSF package.


Step 2 – Untar the Gzip file

Unpack the software using the following command.

tar -xzf csf.tgz

Step 3 – Disable UFW

Before we continue you will need to disable UFW firewall if you have it enabled on your server, to do this simply run the following command.

ufw disable

Step 4 – Change into the CSF directory

Once the file is unpacked you need to switch into that directory.

cd csf

Step 5 – Run the ConfigServer Firewall installer

Now you need to run the following command to install the ConfigServer Firewall.


Step 6 – Run the CSF perl test script

The final step before you’re free to configure CSF is to make sure the required iptables are installed on your server. To do this, run the following command.

perl /usr/local/csf/bin/

You should get an something like this if everything went fine.

Congratulations, you now have CSF successfully on your server.

Chris is a developer from Melbourne, Australia, he likes to mess around with servers, build websites using HTML, JavaScript, SASS and more. He has been in the web development game for around 5 years now and enjoys learning while helping others learn on the web.

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